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Advertising for Beauty, Hair, Dental, Health and Wellness Businesses

Facebook Marketing Executive Package

Discovery and

Are you looking for ways to find new customers and grow your business? But you’d rather spend your time doing what you do best, not struggling with marketing?


Getting a steady stream of new customers can be tough. But did you know that 65% of BEAUTY, HEALTH AND WELLNESS shoppers are active on Facebook every single day?

Continuous Optimisation
& Profitable Expansion

Our team will regularly carry out analysis on your ad campaigns to improve upon and optimise your results. We will test images, ad copy, targeting and bids for maximum efficiency; resulting in improved performance metrics with a higher number of conversions at a lower cost per acquisition. Such success will contribute to your business enjoying profitable account expansion and overall ROI growth.

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What does our social media strategy process look like?

Company and Industry

Competitive Landscape

Website/Landing Page Review
And Optimisation

Consultative Goal Planning
and Ad Budget Setting

Expertly Created Ad Copy


Human Monitored and
Optimised; No Automation

Transparent and Accurate
Performance Reporting

Detailed Conversion Reports
and Monthly Reporting Options

Free business membership & spotlights on BEST EVER ME with each plan

Grow your business with specialist facebook ads that bring you fast results at a very low cost

  • We specialise in high-converting Facebook Ads for your industry
  • It’s all about reaching your target audience, building a focused customer funnel, and achieving sustainable growth for your business.
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Laser-targeted facebook ads. Gain sales and leads. Measurable results that count.

We give you an opportunity to effectively market and grow your business and offer you excellent results and superb value for money.

You see Facebook Ads on your feeds and you have heard how effective, cost-efficient and FAST they can be. You know Facebook Ads are a HUGE part of an effective marketing strategy. But you’re not 100% sure how to make them work for you in your own business!

Facebook Advertising can be tough. And it’s getting tougher every day. As more advertisers realise the potential and jump onboard, the increased competition can quickly turn a winning ad into a money-waster.

Have you tried Facebook Ads yourselves before and had very poor results? Or maybe you used an agency and got a disappointing ROI? If the answer is Yes to one of these options, don’t feel bad as SO many people have experienced this. That’s a fact.

The fact is, if you throw a few ads out there without a SOLID STRATEGY for making your money back, you are going to lose at the Facebook ad game.

Do the terms “retargeting campaigns”, “conversion pixels” and “click funnels” leave you feeling bewildered? What if I tell you 92% of customers do not convert the first time they see an ad? That’s why re-targeting is essential for most businesses. And cross-platform marketing can also be very effective and cost less than you think!

Making Facebook ads work for you is not easy. It’s a complicated system and it’s changing all the time. When we started out with BestEverMe.ie we tried every strategy and made EVERY mistake possible. It took perseverance, quite a bit of our hard-earned dosh, and a SERIOUS amount of time to gain the expertise our team now has.

That’s why you can TRUST US to:

OF IT for you
for you
you want

PLUS we own BestEverMe.ie *- an online platform listing over 2000 Beauty, Dental, Health and Wellness providers; and comprehensive details of over 200 kinds of treatment they offer.

Get peace of mind knowing that your online marketing is handled by a team of digital marketing experts who understand your industry and your customers. That means we speak your language and we’re UNIQUELY POSITIONED to get you the best possible results.

* And as if that’s not enough, if you sign up for one of our online marketing packages you get a Platinum Pro listing on Best Ever Me worth 699 euros absolutely FREE?! This includes no less than 5 Spotlights of your choosing that we promote on our platform and Facebook page.

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