8 Tips for Salons and Clinics to Sell More Products During The Christmas Season

  • admin
  • 11/24/2018

Does your salon/clinic offer retail products for sale? If so you will certainly be looking to increase your retail sales this holiday season. We have some classic, proven tips to help you maximise your sales during this premium retail period.

  1. Pay Attention to your Product Displays: Make sure the products are laid our in an enticing way, and are easy to see. For example, they should be visible when the client first walks into the premises, and the most profitable products should be displayed at eye level.
  2. Create a Holiday Ambience: If you make the whole experience as Christmassy as possible, it will put people in a good mood and hopefully make them more likely to enter into the gift buying spirit. A well thought out Christmas decoration theme (less is more!); Christmassy scent in the diffusers, like cinnamon and burnt orange; some light music; and of course, some twinkly lights – we all love some twinkly lights at Christmas! If you feel like spoiling your customers a bit more, how about offering them a cup of hot chocolate, warm spiced apple cider or Winter Punch instead of the usual tea or coffee?
  3. Gift Packs: There’s a reason everyone does them! Whether it’s high-end hair products, cosmetics or skincare, they’re a super handy present to buy, they look nice, and they’re a gift everyone is happy to receive. Make sure staff are trained to talk about the lovely qualities of the products, why the packs are great combinations, a few examples of the kinds of people they would suit, and why they represent great value for money.
  4. Free Gifts: Who doesn’t like getting something for FREE?! Adding a free gift to holiday purchases is a proven way to drive sales and gain more customer loyalty. Your clients will have a positive response to the idea of being rewarded for their business, which is more likely to result in a purchase. Not only that but many will share this positive experience with others.
  5. Free Gift Wrapping: If you are put off by this idea then don’t be! This idea is about making life easy for your customer. One less gift to wrap in this super busy period? Sorted! So get out some lovely wrapping paper and ribbons, get wrapping and give those customers one more reason to buy!
  6. Samples: Don’t take our word for it. Just think of yourself the last time you were at the supermarket and you enjoyed a morsel of something yummy being offered as a free sample. Did you pop that packet of sausages or salted caramel bar into your trolley? Or if not, when you walked away witout buying, did you feel the tiniest bit embarrassed? This emotional response is well acknowledged in the marketing world and is known as the Principle of Reciprocity. Setting up a free sample space in your retail area WILL persuade significant amounts of your customers to buy.
  7. Display Social Proof: Social proof is a psychological phenomenon and an excellent marketing strategy to validate your products, services, and company. Everyone is aware that generating social proof isn’t as easy as other marketing techniques and the value of genuine positive reviews cannot be overestimated. Studies consistently show that the vast majority of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Spend a little time printing out your best reviews and putting them in frames at eye level around the salon.
  8. Small Ticket Items: When you go to the supermarket, the reason the sweets and magazines are up by the tills is because, as you unload your trolley of shopping, popping another couple of products costing a few Euros will not feel like such a big deal at all. You can use this strategy at your business too – all year round, not just during the run-up to Christmas. But we all know how tempting those “stocking filler” type gift ideas can be. Make-up pouches, brushes, pencils, sharpeners; mini scent sprays, hair masques, lotions and lip balms – there are tons of possibilities. Be sure to put these small ticket items right by the register and watch them go!