6 Easy Ways to Get New Customers

  • admin
  • 10/17/2018

Is your book always full? Is your team working at full capacity? Or are you looking to get more clients through the door of your business? We are told time and again that marketing is the number one concern for salon/clinic owners as it seems complicated; it can be expensive; but above all – it is hugely time-consuming. Nevertheless you cannot ignore it! And we have put together a list of handy ways you can attract more customers and grow your business for less hassle!

  1. LOYALTY PROGRAMME: Many business owners we speak to are reluctant to start a loyalty program. The¬†truth is, it can sound like a headache but it doesn’t need to be. If you have a great loyalty programme in place you can really reap the rewards with customers that come back and back again. People like rewards that give them something for “free”. You can make the formula simple – like rewarding your clients with a choice of free beauty treatments for every 4 visits.
  2. REFERRALS: We all know how valuable they are. But if you ask for referrals, be prepared to give something away in return. If a client has had a great experience in your salon you will often find they tell their friends and tat word-of-mouth kind of business is gold dust. However, sweetening the deal for your clients will remind them to pass on your business name when they are with friends, and to encourage them to try you out.
  3. CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Put some form of CRM system in place, even if it’s just a spreadsheet of contact details. There are plenty of free-to-use CRM systems out there by the way, if you have a look. It is a massive lost opportunity if you are not catching those precious leads at every possible step. When people make a booking, obviously you take their details, but you should also have a contact form on your website and make a note of all the people that message you directly through Messenger/Facebook. Another great way to capture leads is when visitors come to your website, they get an offer for something for free, like an eBook or a free consultation.
  4. SHARE BEFORE-AND-AFTER PHOTOS of your clients on social media: You can usually do this without having to use photo editing programs to hide the client’s identity, whether it’s a new hairstyle/colour, a beauty/cosmetic treatment, or a dental procedure such as teeth straightening (orthodontics or veneers).
  5. UPDATE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES REGULARLY: Aim to update them with decent content two or three times per week, to remind your followers of your expertise and offers. Used effectively in this way Facebook and Instagram can be powerful marketing tools that cost you only the time it takes to create the posts.
  6. ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS ON FACEBOOK: It is increasingly hard to get seen on Facebook. Consider testing some ads. You can get great brand awareness for your business at a reasonably low cost. You can spend as little as 5 Euros in a day and yet get your business seen by hundreds of potential clients. Remember: Targeting, Creative and Message are key to success in your Facebook ad campaigns. Running competitions can skyrocket your results too!